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Business Kinetics Sdn Bhd 

About Us

Incorporated in Malaysia, Business Kinetics Sdn. Bhd. is a provider of Business  Knowledge and Software Solutions.

Business Knowledge
We provide Technical Knowledge in the following fields:

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • GST
  • Income Tax Management
  • GST Accounting Software
  • Investment Management


Our clients range from:

  • Small-Medium Companies
  • Multi-National Corporations
  • Trade Associations
  • University College
Our services include delivery of Knowledge-based Content through:


As we have participated in some prestigious projects, you can benefit from our collective experience.

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We are a provider and reseller of software solutions. Our software suites include:

  • GST
  • Accounting


We add value by providing training and support for implementation of the above.

We also have special “Up-Value” packages to give SMEs excellent Value-for-Money on GST-bundled services.

Our portfolio of trainers and advisers are multi-skilled with backgrounds in:

  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • GST
  • IT
  • Tax

 Crowd people

With such diverse blend of skills, we offer a compelling value proposition to our software clients, especially for:

  • SME “Up-Value” packages; or

Find out how you can benefit – contact us.


Our   ‘Up-Value’ packages   for  SMEs
Software + Services + Solutions
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Upcoming Training

GST Navigator for Travel Industry

GST Navigator - Front Cover GST Navigator - Back Cover


Our content providers (Kenneth Yong Voon Ken and Lee Fook Koon) have co-authored a specialized GST Manual:

“GST Navigator for Travel Industry”

Key features:

  • published by the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA);
  • carries a foreword by Dato’ Subromaniam Tholasy (Deupty Director General of Royal Malaysian Customs) and by Ministry of Tourism;
  • officially launched at Times Square Hotel by MATTA, the Royal Malaysian Customs and the Ministry of Tourism;
  • recognized as the ‘first’ of such manuals in Malaysia (source: The Star)

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