“GST Updates” Session – Kuching

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Kuching was the final destination for this particular round of GST sessions. But this didn’t prevent the session from amassing a sizeable following of participants which easily matched the headcount attained in other locations. Seated in the front row (in green) is Puan Dayang, the Chairman of MATTA Sarawak Chapter, who delivered the opening speech to kick start the event.


Participants attending the Kuching “GST Updates” session came from all over Sarawak such as distant towns of Miri or Bintulu. Nonetheless, the crowd was united in one aspect: they were predominantly ticketing agents.



Naturally, their enquiries focused on ticketing-related issues such as zero-rating of international flights, code sharing, connecting flights etc. A majority of travel business involved inbound within the terrains of Sabah and Sarawak, highlighting the significant role played by air travel in this region.


The GST updates session saw a special guest from Malaysian Airlines – their area head. He was a very friendly chap who was generous in sharing his knowledge of GST procedures that the airline had put in place to assist tour operators in administering their GST documentation. The area head took the stage cialis pas cher briefly to assist in explaining certain ticketing issues involving GST which were unique to MAS.


The participants from Kuching mostly held concerns on the basic mechanism of GST: How to present the Tax Invoice? How to treat international flight with airport taxes? How to recover input tax credits? How to handle transitioning tours and tickets?



“GST Updates” Session – Johor Bahru

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Next stop: Johor Bahru. The local charpter managed to secure a healthy turnout of participants to attend and learn about the latest changes to https://www.cialissansordonnancefr24.com/ GST rules.


The MATTA President’s opening speech was short and sweet, followed by the GST presentation which the participants gave their full attention.


Expecting the crowd to be more laid back compared to KL or other locales, it was a pleasant surprise to find that the Johor participants very extremely energetic in raising questions on GST and the interaction between GST rules and tour operations. As a matter of fact, the Johor participants had raised the most number of questions compared to all other locales.



It is said that interesting things happen at an interface. This statement aptly describes the situation for MATTA Johor members – their proximity to Singapore brings with it unique experiences involving outbound travel, multi-destination tours and other GST situations unique to Johor.


The question & answer sessions were mostly carried out during the briefing itself, such that when the time came for the panelists to officially take the stage, most questions had already been answered or touched upon.


However, the situation off stage was busy – as usual – with participants clamoring for a private moment with the speakers.



“GST Updates” Session – Kuala Lumpur

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The KL session was held at Connexion@Nexus in Bangsar South, featuring a comfortable hall with contemporary projection screens and acoustics.


Being the most up-to-date with GST developments, the participants from KL were mostly early and eager to learn up the latest news in order to fine-tune their GST preparations.


After the brief opening speech by MATTA President Tuan Haji Hamzah, the GST seminar was up to a roaring start.


The participants were brought up to speed with the latest revelation – thanks to MATTA’s efforts in negotiating with the Customs, the profit markup of tour operators would be preserved as a trade secret. This brought instant jubilation among the crowd of relieved tour agents.


As expected, the KL crowd is relatively vocal, throwing question after question to clear their doubts, acheter cialis or else to raise issues for which solutions are not obvious. Many issues were brought up, most were resolved, and a handful were placed under “issues to be raised” with the Customs.



“GST Updates” Session – Selangor

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Subang Jaya

Before the actual day, it had been expected that participant registration would balloon at the last minute. Thus, extra seats had been arranged to cater for unexpected turnout of participants, as can be seen from photo shots below.


However, MATTA Selangor’s turnout was by far the largest, and with a huge turn-up of walk-in registrants. By the time preparations were made to seat all the unexpected participants, the hotel’s Victorian Hall was brimming full of people, right to the very last few feet of carpet space at the back – an buy cheap viagra online event that even the hotel would remember for some time.


In customary fashion, MATTA President Tuan Haji Hamzah delivered his opening speech to remind tour operators of the importance of tackling GST head-on. Following the President’s opening speech, the show was underway with the participants eager to find out the issues leading to the latest developments in GST.


Much gloom had befallen the Travel Industry due to the GST requirement to expose the service fees (essentially, the profit markup) earned by tour operators. Naturally, the mood of the floor was thrust into a celebrative ecstasy when participants learnt that after MATTA’s consultative meetings with the Customs, tour operators would now be allowed to zero-rate their profit markup on international flights – thus preserving the secret of how much profit they earned.


The crowd comprised a very diverse mix of tour operators, inbound players, ground arrangement people, ticketing agencies and outbound agents. Unsurprisingly, their questions and concerns were an equally interesting mixture, ranging from ticketing issues, to commission on outbound tours, to on-selling of Langkawi Hotel Rooms, and ground transport to Singapore.




“GST Updates” Session – Kota Kinabalu

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KK Matta seminar front page

The “GST Updates” series saw a debut roll out in Sabah, which attracted a very healthy crowd comprising a good mix of inbound tour operators and ticketing agencies. After a brief welcome speech by the viagra pas cher Chairman of MATTA Sabah Chapter, Mr. Robert, the floor was handed over to MATTA President Tuan Haji Hamzah who emphasized the importance of equipping members with knowledge to tackle GST preparations.


The KK session was graced by special guest, Datuk Irene from the Sabah Tourism Board of Malaysia, who took the lead in terms of front row seat as well as launching a barrage of questions on the various implications of GST on transportation, tourism and on air tickets.


Also in attendance was special representative from Malaysian Airlines Systems who shared some of her thoughts on how MAS would implement procedures to assist tour operators in terms of documentation. The picture above shows both these special guests taking the front seat.


The KK session threw lively questions involving inbound tours and domestic travel between the various locales in Sabah and Sarawak. An issue close at heart was travel between Sabah and Brunei and the GST implications thereon. Surprisingly, issues involving the Designated Area of Labuan drew little interest.


Participants were given a separate conducive room to raise post seminar Q&As where the panelist took turns to share their views and thoughts on GST matters. Of specific concern were the implications of transitional tours and tickets sold before April but where travel dates fell in the GST-era.




GST SME Session

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The GST SME Sessions in Johor was attended over the counter viagra substitute by a mixture of traders, manufacturers and distributors of various goods. Their concerns focused on recovery of Input Tax and on the GST treatment of reciprocal services (such as reverse charge of delivery services for sale of goods).


They also shared their concerns on difficulties in obtaining affirmative answers to peculiar business transactions that were out of the ordinary because access to GST knowledge was more limited.


The session on-stage and off-stage was very lively as participants took turns to ask questions and in turn, gradually dispel their doubts (and fears) of the imminent GST system. Our speakers also took opportunity to mingle with the crowd and directly shared GST insights with them on company-specific transactions as well as the overall mechanism of GST.




Kota Kinabalu


The GST Sessions held in Kota Kinabalu drew unexpectedly large numbers of SME participants as can be seen from the photo shots, with the organizers having to squeeze extra chairs to every corner of the hall. This clearly indicates that the SME community is anxious to understand how their businesses would be impacted by GST.


One of the GST Sessions was also attended by Datuk Alicia Sieh (of MCA Kota Kinabalu branch) together with her entourage to support the event whose objective was to disseminated valuable information on GST to the participants.


The questions and answers sessions were very active as participants hurled question after question at the speakers, covering issues such as the manner to claim back input tax, the manner in which GST needs to be reported and paid to the government, items which are “blocked” from input tax, special treatments for second-hand cars etc.