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GST SME Session | Business Kinetics Sdn Bhd 

March 23, 2015 | Posted in:GST Seminar





The GST SME Sessions in Johor was attended over the counter viagra substitute by a mixture of traders, manufacturers and distributors of various goods. Their concerns focused on recovery of Input Tax and on the GST treatment of reciprocal services (such as reverse charge of delivery services for sale of goods).


They also shared their concerns on difficulties in obtaining affirmative answers to peculiar business transactions that were out of the ordinary because access to GST knowledge was more limited.


The session on-stage and off-stage was very lively as participants took turns to ask questions and in turn, gradually dispel their doubts (and fears) of the imminent GST system. Our speakers also took opportunity to mingle with the crowd and directly shared GST insights with them on company-specific transactions as well as the overall mechanism of GST.




Kota Kinabalu


The GST Sessions held in Kota Kinabalu drew unexpectedly large numbers of SME participants as can be seen from the photo shots, with the organizers having to squeeze extra chairs to every corner of the hall. This clearly indicates that the SME community is anxious to understand how their businesses would be impacted by GST.


One of the GST Sessions was also attended by Datuk Alicia Sieh (of MCA Kota Kinabalu branch) together with her entourage to support the event whose objective was to disseminated valuable information on GST to the participants.


The questions and answers sessions were very active as participants hurled question after question at the speakers, covering issues such as the manner to claim back input tax, the manner in which GST needs to be reported and paid to the government, items which are “blocked” from input tax, special treatments for second-hand cars etc.