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“GST Updates” Session – Johor Bahru | Business Kinetics Sdn Bhd 

April 10, 2015 | Posted in:GST Seminar


Next stop: Johor Bahru. The local charpter managed to secure a healthy turnout of participants to attend and learn about the latest changes to GST rules.


The MATTA President’s opening speech was short and sweet, followed by the GST presentation which the participants gave their full attention.


Expecting the crowd to be more laid back compared to KL or other locales, it was a pleasant surprise to find that the Johor participants very extremely energetic in raising questions on GST and the interaction between GST rules and tour operations. As a matter of fact, the Johor participants had raised the most number of questions compared to all other locales.



It is said that interesting things happen at an interface. This statement aptly describes the situation for MATTA Johor members – their proximity to Singapore brings with it unique experiences involving outbound travel, multi-destination tours and other GST situations unique to Johor.


The question & answer sessions were mostly carried out during the briefing itself, such that when the time came for the panelists to officially take the stage, most questions had already been answered or touched upon.


However, the situation off stage was busy – as usual – with participants clamoring for a private moment with the speakers.