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“GST Updates” Session – Kota Kinabalu | Business Kinetics Sdn Bhd 

April 10, 2015 | Posted in:GST Seminar

KK Matta seminar front page

The “GST Updates” series saw a debut roll out in Sabah, which attracted a very healthy crowd comprising a good mix of inbound tour operators and ticketing agencies. After a brief welcome speech by the viagra pas cher Chairman of MATTA Sabah Chapter, Mr. Robert, the floor was handed over to MATTA President Tuan Haji Hamzah who emphasized the importance of equipping members with knowledge to tackle GST preparations.


The KK session was graced by special guest, Datuk Irene from the Sabah Tourism Board of Malaysia, who took the lead in terms of front row seat as well as launching a barrage of questions on the various implications of GST on transportation, tourism and on air tickets.


Also in attendance was special representative from Malaysian Airlines Systems who shared some of her thoughts on how MAS would implement procedures to assist tour operators in terms of documentation. The picture above shows both these special guests taking the front seat.


The KK session threw lively questions involving inbound tours and domestic travel between the various locales in Sabah and Sarawak. An issue close at heart was travel between Sabah and Brunei and the GST implications thereon. Surprisingly, issues involving the Designated Area of Labuan drew little interest.


Participants were given a separate conducive room to raise post seminar Q&As where the panelist took turns to share their views and thoughts on GST matters. Of specific concern were the implications of transitional tours and tickets sold before April but where travel dates fell in the GST-era.