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“GST Updates” Session – Selangor | Business Kinetics Sdn Bhd 

April 10, 2015 | Posted in:GST Seminar

Subang Jaya

Before the actual day, it had been expected that participant registration would balloon at the last minute. Thus, extra seats had been arranged to cater for unexpected turnout of participants, as can be seen from photo shots below.


However, MATTA Selangor’s turnout was by far the largest, and with a huge turn-up of walk-in registrants. By the time preparations were made to seat all the unexpected participants, the hotel’s Victorian Hall was brimming full of people, right to the very last few feet of carpet space at the back – an buy cheap viagra online event that even the hotel would remember for some time.


In customary fashion, MATTA President Tuan Haji Hamzah delivered his opening speech to remind tour operators of the importance of tackling GST head-on. Following the President’s opening speech, the show was underway with the participants eager to find out the issues leading to the latest developments in GST.


Much gloom had befallen the Travel Industry due to the GST requirement to expose the service fees (essentially, the profit markup) earned by tour operators. Naturally, the mood of the floor was thrust into a celebrative ecstasy when participants learnt that after MATTA’s consultative meetings with the Customs, tour operators would now be allowed to zero-rate their profit markup on international flights – thus preserving the secret of how much profit they earned.


The crowd comprised a very diverse mix of tour operators, inbound players, ground arrangement people, ticketing agencies and outbound agents. Unsurprisingly, their questions and concerns were an equally interesting mixture, ranging from ticketing issues, to commission on outbound tours, to on-selling of Langkawi Hotel Rooms, and ground transport to Singapore.