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Software | Business Kinetics Sdn Bhd 

We partner with various organizations and professionals to deliver compelling software solutions to address business problems.


GST Accounting Software


We are providers and resellers of the following GST accounting software:

autocount   AutoCount picture-1


AutoCount is a very established mass-market GST accounting software used by many companies and accounting firms across Malaysia. It is arguably one of the leaders in the accounting software scene, being feature-packed with many automatic GST features all packaged in an easy-to-use interface and a budget-friendly price.

For more details on AutoCount, click Here.

Interested in AutoCount software, contact us Here.

Many small businesses and small-medium companies have benefited from the above software which can handle many GST-matters automatically and accurately.


Our Strengths:   Software  +  Services  +  Solutions


As we are NOT just software sellers. Our professional network also provides GST review and other related services.

Furthermore, we provide ‘Up-Value’ packages which comprise Software  +  Services  +  Solutions. Refer below for our SME ‘Up-Value’ packages.

BK AutoCount flyer (f)   BK AutoCount flyer (b)

 Click above picture for details or to download the flyer.



‘Up-Value’ Packages  


(A)   To complement the above GST software, we also offer special ‘Up-Value’ Packages for SMEs. Our   ‘Up-Value’ packages (*)   are specially designed to provide SMEs with Complete GST solutions from start to finish.

Our   ‘Up-Value’ packages   for  SMEs
Software + Services + Solutions
AutoCount box DSC_0165 DSC_1944


(B)   Our ‘Up-Value’ Packages ensure you get the best Value-for-Money by enjoying attractive discounts on our bundled services.

SoftwareAutoCount box >   Suitable for most SMEs:

  • AutoCount ‘Express’ version   Great Price! 
  • AutoCount ‘Basic’ Accounting version   Best Value! 
  • Other versions for specialized industries
  • Other versions for small businesses
ServicesDSC_0165 >   Relevant to most SMEs:

  • Training for Software
  • Training on GST and other Technical Issues
  • Implementation of GST
  • Tax Code Mapping    Important 
  • Checking of Tax Invoice format
  • Other related services
SolutionsDSC_1944 >   Useful to most SMEs:

  • GST Review  (minimize costly penalties)   New 
  • Business Process Planning
  • Company Secretarial Services    Great Price! 
  • Payroll services
  • Accounting services
  • Tax compliance
  • Other ad hoc services etc.


(C)   Above services and solutions are delivered by professionals qualified in Accounting / Audit / GST / IT / Tax so that you have peace of mind.

DSC_3269Auditors DSC_1585GST Specialists GST talk-JOHOR 141114-1 022Tax Consultants
DSC_1872Chartered Accountants DSC_3242IT Experts


‘Up-Value’ Package pricing will vary depending on scope of services required. However, ‘Up-Value’ discounts will ensure bundled prices are always best Value-for-Money.

Reduce work…   Reduce errors…   Reduce penalties…  

Go for ‘Up-Value’ packages  !!!

(*)  certain Services / Solutions may be provided by our collaborative partners.

The word “Autocount” and all Autocount products are trademarks of Auto Count Sdn. Bhd.


Why choose us as your preferred Software Vendor?

DSC_1490 (1)   We are not just selling you software. We are laying the roadmap towards fully integrated professional services that will help your business to grow and expand.
(2)   Our team members are properly qualified (audit / GST / IT / tax) so you enjoy service delivery and peace of mind.
DSC_1527 (3)   We continuously innovate on our ‘Up-Value’ packages so that you get best value-for-money from our bundled services.

Benefit from our training and software implementation which is carried out by professionals with Audit / GST / IT and Tax knowledge.


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