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Software Solutions | Business Kinetics Sdn Bhd 

We partner with various organizations and professionals to deliver compelling software solutions to business problems. These include:


GST Accounting Software

We are official partners of the following renowned software provider:


AutoCount is a very established mass-market GST accounting software used by many companies and accounting firms across Malaysia. It is arguably one of the leaders in the accounting software scene, being feature-packed with many automatic GST features all packaged in an easy-to-use interface and a budget-friendly price.

For more details on AutoCount, click Here.

Interested in AutoCount software, contact us Here.

(A)   To complement the above GST software, we also offer special ‘Up-Value’ Packages for SMEs.

Our   ‘Up-Value’ packages   for  SMEs
Software + Services + Solutions
AutoCount box DSC_0165 DSC_1944

(B)   Our ‘Up-Value’ Packages ensure you get the best Value-for-Money by enjoying attractive discounts on our bundled services.

SoftwareAutoCount box >   Suitable for most SMEs:

  • AutoCount ‘Express’ version   Great Price! 
  • AutoCount ‘Basic’ Accounting version   Best Value! 
  • Other versions for specialized industries
  • Other versions for small businesses
ServicesDSC_0165 >   Relevant to most SMEs:

  • Training for Software
  • Training on GST and other Technical Issues
  • Implementation of GST
  • Tax Code Mapping    Important 
  • Checking of Tax Invoice format
  • Other related services
SolutionsDSC_1944 >   Useful to most SMEs:

  • GST Review  (minimize costly penalties)   New 
  • Business Process Planning
  • Company Secretarial Services    Great Price! 
  • Payroll services
  • Accounting services
  • Tax compliance
  • Other ad hoc services etc.

(C)   Above services and solutions are delivered by professionals qualified in Accounting / Audit / GST / IT / Tax so that you have peace of mind.

DSC_3269Auditors DSC_1585GST Specialists GST talk-JOHOR 141114-1 022Tax Consultants
DSC_1872Chartered Accountants DSC_3242IT Experts

‘Up-Value’ Package pricing will vary depending on scope of services required. However, ‘Up-Value’ discounts will ensure bundled prices are always best Value-for-Money.

Reduce work…   Reduce errors…   Reduce penalties…  

Go for ‘Up-Value’ packages  !!!

(*)  certain Services / Solutions may be provided by our collaborative partners.

The word “Autocount” and all Autocount products are trademarks of Auto Count Sdn. Bhd.

Travel & Tour GST Software – affordable for SMEs

We encourage SMEs in the travel / tour industry to consider the latest GST-enabled offering from the following software company which will solve many of the operational headaches faced by Small and Small-Medium tour operators in implementing GST.


TM Century Solutions is a software house developing niche software for specialized industries within the SME segment, thus, bringing niche software solutions to SMEs at affordable prices. Its latest product is a GST-featured application for automating front-end and back-end operations for Tour and Travel industry.

For more details on this Travel and Tour Module, click Here.

Interested in the Travel and Tour Module, contact us Here.