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Technical Publications | Business Kinetics Sdn Bhd 

Writing and authoring are skills essential to proper content delivery. Our content providers are adept in content delivery which combines technical writing skills and the ability to simplify content for easy comprehension.

Presented below are some of the technical articles / GST Manual written by our content providers or trainers that have been featured in the official publications of the:

Publication Professional Body  /  Trade Association
Accountants Today Malaysian Institute of Accountants   (MIA)
Tax Guardian Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia  (CTIM)
Accounting & Business Association of Chartered Certified Accountants  (ACCA
GST Navigator for Travel Industry
Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents   (MATTA)


Technical Publications

GST-Navigator-Front-Cover-240x338 GST Navigator for Travel Industry
GST Act on Bad Debt Relief GST Act 2014 on Bad Debt Relief
Gift Rule revisions GST Revisions to the Gift Rule
GST Complications of the Travel and Tour Industry GST Complications of the Travel and Tour Industry
GST Good News on Bad Debts GST Good News on Bad Debts
Analysis of Panel Decision on Bad Debt Relief Analysis of the GST Panel Decision on Bad Debts
GST Zero Rated and Exempt GST Zero-rated Vs Exempt What’s the Difference?
GST Vs Service Tax GST Vs Service Tax 
Malaysia GST Threshold An Analysis of Malaysia’s GST Threshold
Transfer Pricing Arm's Length complications  Transfer Pricing – The ‘Arms Length’ complication for SMEs
Compensation for Late Tax Refund Compensation for late refunds on Income Tax
Lowdown on Landbanking Lowdown on Landbanking
Good Companies and Good Shares: What’s the difference?
  FRS standards: divergence between accounting profit and taxable income
  Tax Audits and Statutory Audits: What’s the difference?
  Tax considerations in Share Valuation
  Exploring Rules-Based and Principles-Based accounting standards
  Tax rates and the Laffer Curve
  Offsetting: Effects on tax computation and tax installments
  Tax consequences on earnings manipulation
  An overview of Real Estate Investment Trusts
  Malaysia’s first self-assessment year for individual taxpayers
  Tax cash flows and the income earning process
  Schedule Tax Deductions: Is the IRB deducting too much?
  2003/2004 Broad Based tax measures for Companies
  What Investors need to know about Dividends and Taxes